Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day 49 - "I feel fantastic and I'm still alive..."

(I'm falling behind on my blogging duties, and I definitely owe a longer entry than I am about to write, but bear with me for now)

I don't normally develop serious crushes on someone I've never met. Sure I may see a celebrity that I think is gorgeous, or I may see a girl on the subway that I think is super cute, and I think of 100 ways to introduce myself to her before watching her get off of the train without ever saying a word. But tonight, I think I fell in love...on the internet:
Her name is Veronica Belmont*. I don't know anything about her, except she was apparently at the Game Developer's Conference this past weekend, she hosts a show called Mahalo Daily, she has her own blog, and she apparently kicks ass at Rock Band:

Jonathan Coulton performs "Still Alive" in Rock Band from Joy Stiq on Vimeo.

You have to watch the whole thing if you want to see what I'm talking about. I think I fell in love with her right at 4:18, when she saves the old cowboy* from his terrible, terrible excuse for virtual bass playing.

When I first saw her all over joystiq I assumed she was just another pretty face hired to stand out in a male-dominated industry. But no, she is more that that. Much much more. In what way is she more than that, you ask? Shut up. Shut the hell up. You should be ashamed of yourself, for asking that stupid stupid question.

I just became a fan of hers on Facebook. Now, before you start judging me, keep in mind - I'm no stalker. This is just the easiest way for us to become acquainted with one another, in this modern day world we live in. While she's sifting through her 465 fans one day, she'll happen across my profile, read my blog, and that's when she'll realize - through reading my blog post dedicated to her* - that she in fact, is a big fan of me and all my work!*

Ball's in your court, Ms. Belmont. And just so you know, I won't wait forever. Having said that, you probably have a good 2, 3 years, easily before my next internet crush that overtakes the one I have one you. That time will fly right by though if you're not careful, so definitely mark your calendar!

In other news, I'm an hour away from Day 50! How 'bout them apples?!? You like apples, don't you Ronnie?


Yeah, but I'd still rather be playing: Anything you that you wanna play, my dear.

*Descendant of Simon, perhaps?
*That son-of-a-bitch went on to cause them to fail the song at the last second. I would never let you down, Veronica. Together we'd make sweet sweet (pre-recorded video game) music!
*Or alternatively, by googling herself. "Who loves Veronica Belmont?" Click here to find out!
*Note to self: become more famous, have more "work" to show off to VeBe.


Rolando said...
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Rolando said...

Hmmmm... maybe it's for the best you've given up video games. You see that episode of South Park where video game playing passed for a real concert? Yeah. You don't want to be one of those people. Besides, the girl is obviously a geek femme fatal. She'll play your video games, let you shower her with attention then, at the end of the night, she goes home to real rockstar.