Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 80 - "There is a season (turn, Turn, TURN!)"

Right around this time of year, every year, I get very angry. I'm sick and tired of the cold. And everything associated with the weather as well. I'm tired of my winter wardrobe, I'm tired of having to "bundle up" before going anywhere, and most of all, I hate having to avoid being outside at all (I'm not a winter sports kinda guy).

So it's a good thing this season is, hypothetically speaking, almost over.

Now, six months from now you'll see a post very similar to this. I will be sick and tired of the heat. And everything associated with the humidity as well. I'll be tired of my summer clothes, I'll miss having a jacket to hold my ipod and all sorts of miscellaneous junk that I'll have to find another spot for over the summer, and most of all, I'll hate not being able to sleep at night without a fan and/or an air conditioner on.

So it's a good thing that I live in a place where we get a relatively even amount of time with all four seasons*. Or else I'd probably have stabbed somebody with an icepick/BBQ skewer by now.


I got a free training session at my gym today. My first and only training session with a professional, considering the pricing I was made aware of afterwards. And also considering the guy who was assigned to me. He showed no emotion, he didn't seem at all interested in my life beyond what he seemed to be required to ask, and he almost went through a two page questionnaire asking me each question, filling in the answers before I stopped him - right around the part where he was listing of diseases that could run in my family - and asked if I could just fill it out myself. During the workout he just quietly counted each rep, and he would say thing time the same monotonous way every time:

"Good. Alright. Next."

The best part? His last name, no joke, was actually "Wooden."

Despite all of this, he got me on nearly all the machines, and I nearly vomited after we were finished. Certain muscles in my body are not happy to be jostled from their slumber after so long.

Mr. Wooden obviously must have sensed that I wasn't going to be big business for him. Which was true. But hey - I could have been swayed! If he leaned in during our meeting and told me from the get-go that he wanted to take me under his wing, hit the iron with me every day, transform my little scrawny body into a bubbling mass of muscles, convince people I was actually an escaped convict from Riker's, and then pointed to the hottest girl in the gym, and told me: "I'm going to get you inside of her," then HELLS YEAH I would have signed up for some more sessions!


I think today has been the most productive day I've had...well, ever. I woke up, made breakfast, packed lunch, worked* a full day, went to the gym, came home, cooked dinner, and actually wrote in my blog! How about that? And now I think I'm gonZZZZZZ...


Yeah, but I'd still rather be playing: This isn't actually a game, but dear god how I wish it was:

*Through the fall and spring I'm mostly just anxious about what's to come.
*Well...I was at the office for 8 hours, I'll say that much.

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