Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 353 - "Begin Again. You're no calendar, you're no concrete plan..."

This coming Christmas is going to be weird. My immediate family members all know what I want (see below), and hopefully they'll get me one of the many options I've given them. But I'm seriously going to have to go into a self-induced coma for the next 11 days afterwards, because the sight of any and all games and gaming related paraphernalia is starting to drive me mad.

And yet I cannot stop. Amazing deals are popping up left and right, and for games I've been salivating over for up to 12 months, the temptation is nearly impossible to contain. Devil May Cry IV for $12, Ninja Gaiden 2 for $15, or Grand Theft Auto F-ing IV for $20?!? And finally, the purchase I wound up regretting halfway down the long walk along Times Square back to my job - ROCK BAND 2 SPECIAL EDITION (the one with all the instruments) for $85 from Toy's R Us!!! As I was walking out of the store, I felt like something was wrong. To this day I feel like when I open the box, something's going to have to be missing.

I'm a guy who follows a game for months before it comes out, gets super excited for it, and who's in line to purchase it the day it is released - sooner if I can find a vendor willing to break a street date. So actually scouring the internet for deals on games that have been out for a while is very unfamiliar territory for me. And - combined with my To Play list, it's slowly become a very costly venture.

I should probably post the list at this point, to give you an idea of what I'm hoping to somehow be able to dive back into come January 6th. I carry the double-sided list in my wallet at all times. It's a handy little thing to bust out at parties and place whenever I meet someone new. I happily show it to anyone who any interest in gaming or my year off (it's half the reason I carry it on me in the first place), and I'm especially happy to present it to someone who has no interest in gaming just to see what kind of reaction it gets out of them. Either way, it's a wonderful litmus test for telling someone's general opinion of games and gamers. Within about 3 seconds it's written all over their face.

So without further ado, I present to you the most recent draft of my To Play List:

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The above list is separated into three sections, pre-2008, when I first started the list (I had already begun falling behind before I even decide to give up games), 2008, and post-2008. Every game is broken down by title, system, whether or not it is currently owned, whether or not it has been released, and what I've coined the "DTP Index" or "Desire To Play," on a scale of 1-10. It's a very detailed list, and it's constantly evolving, which is the other half of the reason I carry it on me at all times. I am very much looking forward to crossing off some titles next year.

Now, let's be perfectly honest here - I will never have the time to play all of these games, unless I am unemployed for a long period of time, become very ill but not ill enough to turn on my television and use a controller with my hands, or placed under house arrest. But still, I take solace in having it. I think of it as the equivalent of the picture of the soldier's wife that he carries on him while he is fighting a bloody brutal war oversees. It's what calms him, and reminds him of what he's fighting for.

Did I just equate not playing video games with being a solider on an actual battlefield, and a list of video games I'd like to play with an actual loving, living, breathing wife? Yes. Yes, I did. And I stand by my statement.

13 Days, 3 Hours, 17 Minutes to go...

Happy Holidays!

Yeah, but I'd still rather be playing: I told myself I wouldn't even think about 2009 games with all 2008 has to offer me in just a little while, but I'll be damned if some of these titles haven't piqued my interest. I'll start with the obvious one that's been on my radar for some time, Resident Evil 5:

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justjarret said...

You could also show the list to women you wish to never have sex with ;)