Monday, January 12, 2009

6 Days UP - "Just when you think you're in control, just when you think you've got a hold, just when you get on a roll..."

So here were a little less than a week later. Games are back in my life. Life was supposed to be good again. Except...something's not right. Somethings...missing. The happiness, the joy they brought me - I can't explain it, but I think in the past year I realized that the world around me is what I truly enjoy, and not some digital image burning a hole in my retinas. What was I thinking, wasting all these hours playing games?

Haha - nah, I'm just fucking with you. I still love 'em. Video games still rock my world. Don't you see that smile on my face? I played Geometry Wars as my first game at midnight. I scored something like 760,000 in my very first ten minutes playing games in over a year. A million would have been extra cool, but as it stands I think it's safe to say my video game muscle memory remains fairly intact. From there I went on to Rock Band 2 with some friends, and the following day I dabbled in some of the dozens of demos I downloaded and let gather virtual dust on my hard drive over the past year.

Now the real challenge begins. I haven't been to the gym yet since becoming 'Unpaused' (hence the "UP" in the title). This is first my blog entry in over a week, when I was posting almost biweekly in the month leading up to the 6th. Will I completely devolve into the person I was before I took a year off from games? Not that I was a horrible game addict before I gave up game up games anyway. I think my goal for 2009 has to be to find that perfect balance - time for games, and time for everything else.

One funny thing I noticed was that I have been extremely hesistant to pick up and play anything I know will be more than a 20-30 minute commitment - GTA IV being a prime example. I've been dying to dig into that game for 8 months now, and now that I'm able to play again, and the game is literally sitting in my basement right next to my 360, it sits there in the box untouched, cast aside for the Crackdown demo - I game I actually had on my hard drive pre-2008 that I just never got around to checking out (for the record, it's really fun!). I think I realize that if I get hooked onto something big like a Fable 2 or a Fallout 3 I'm probably not going to play anything else, and right now I kind of just want to dabble in everything. I'm like the guy that just got out of an incredibly miserable long term relationship who's not looking for anything serious, he's just looking to play the field for a while. And unlike the jerky women of the world who refuse to sit around and wait for the guy to get his shit together, these games ain't going anywhere, so I think it's ok for now.

Man, it's been a week, but it really does feel like I've been back for some time...


PS: Apparently I'm a trendsetter!

Currently playing: The World Ends With You, Gears of War 2, Geometry Wars 2, Rock Band 2. One new, the others tried and true. All of them really, really fun!

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Speedbag said...

Nice to see your settling back in and I gotta agree, don't get into anything that'll take up all your the field *laugh*. If you want a good pick up and play game try Left 4 Dead, great for a 30 min romp online.