Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 362 - "Gotta bad habit and it ain't goin' away..."

Well, 2009 is upon us. People have already begun asking me what the new year holds for me. Am I really gonna start playing game again, after all that I've accomplished? (Yes) Am I going to give up anything else this year? I think, given that I gave up something pretty big in 2008, I've earned the right to really just add something back to my life this year. Having said that, I have something pretty fun in mind for this year.

In 2008 I read 12 books, posted close to 50 blog entries, ran a half marathon, started a gym regimen, traveled up and down (and outside) the country, but the one goal I didn't manage to accomplish was learning to cook at least 5 new meals. I've definitely cooked more this year (mostly due to the lack of any good restaurants in my neighborhood), but my menu is limited to very simple options generally usually less than 3 ingredients/utensils.

So - 2009 is the year I'm going to become much more well versed in the culinary arts. Now since I have literally zero motivation to learn or take the time to cook anything new when I come home after a long day of work and I'm by myself with an angry stomach, the trick is going to use my friends' knowledge of cooking (and willingness to do most of it) to inspire me. I will invite a handful of friends over every week or so to introduce me to a new meal - it can be something they've cooked dozens of times before, or something they've been meaning to try forever but have never had a proper excuse to.
After we're done with our delicious spread, then it's my turn to shine! We'll turn our attention to my vast gaming collection, and after taking the inevitable swim through the gaming pit*, we'll actually pick a game and play it. My goal will be to find a new and exciting game-playing experience for my guests. Will they enjoy the simple delights of Wii Sports, the twitchy, competitive Geometry Wars, or the thinking man's Portal? Or...will they all just want to play Rock Band? Only time will tell!

The title of this project will be Dinner And Games, with a new blog to go along with it ('Dinner And A Game' was my first choice, but unfortunately that name was taken by some jerk who apparently is too busy to bother using it). It'll start with lots of pictures of delicious food and what will most likely be me lecturing people in front of my television. And maybe as time goes along, if I get bold - and maybe get a new computer with video-editing capabilities - I'll post some video as well.

Finally, I hope to continue posting here as well. I won't officially be 'paused' any longer, but I definitely will still want to continue about my gaming and non-gaming adventures. I'm sure the next month will be a bit lighter than usual, but I will definitely post of some stuff from my first day back on games, my big party on the 10th, and some impressions of the games I've been waiting as many as 12 months to play.

4 Days, 8 hours, & 21 minutes to go...


Yeah, but I'd still rather be playing: This game initially didn't make my list because I wasn't a huge fan of the originals, but the new Banjo and Kazooie game is apparently a ton of fun to play with the additional vehicle creation feature that's been added to it. Reminds of my obsessive Lego days - only this time, I actually get to ride my creation! Looks like I'm adding one more game to my list of games to play from 2008!

*Admittedly, Scrooge has a few more gold coins that I do games. But it's closer than you'd think.


Whitty Smitty said...

What if some of culinary experts would rather cook in our own apartments because our kitchens contain far more proficient culinary needs?

Lieutenant Columbo said...

I will continue checking this blog and the new one hopefully. I have to tell you that you inspired me to make better use of my time, thanks ;)

- Ali -