Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 365 - "But that was when I ruled the world..."

So I turned 30 years old today. And I get to play video games in less than 36 hours, which is great. This is also my 50th blog post, a nice little milestone. But this entry will be about none of those things, because I had an AMAZING dream last night that I wish to share with everyone.

My dream started off at the dinner table in my old apartment in Rosedale, Queens that I haven't lived in since I was 18. I was with my mother and my grandmother, and we had a few guests over. Namely, the Bushes. President George W. Bush, his wife Laura (though my brain got her likeness all wrong), and his father, former President George H.W. Bush. The actual dinner itself was quick and uneventful - that is to say, whatever happened during it, I don't remember. What I do remember is us finishing up our meal, which was take-out Chinese food, and starting to open up our fortune cookies. Everyone opens their own, and when I open mines, a ballot comes out. On the ballot (which proportionally probably couldn't have actually fit inside my tiny cookie) was a vote for Barack Obama,* which, being the ass that I am, I quickly flaunt in front of the current president.

"I think this one's for you buddy!" I laugh as I toss it in his direction. President Bush gives a quick chuckle, without a hint of anger or resentment. Shortly afterward, I wonder aloud if this vote is important, and I ask everyone if "we'll ever found out what the final count was in the election, or if it's still a secret." Which is kind of weird, since I think those numbers are readily available. Maybe I was just trying to diffuse a potentially awkward situation by pretending I didn't really know how things turned out.

At this point an alarm starts to go off. Quick side note - and this is why I love dreams so much - this was actually a real life alarm going off in my roommate's bedroom. Normally any noise wakes me up, but I think it was far away enough to keep me going in dreamland for just a little while longer. Eventually I woke up and had to let my roommate know there was an incredibly loud noise happening in his room that he was somehow sleeping through.

So the alarm in my dream also sounds like its going off in the distance. After a few seconds I look up and ask everyone if they know what the source of the sound is. Mrs. Bush lets out a contented sigh and says that yes, she does in fact know what the alarm is - it's coming from their bedroom, and it's from "her favorite alarm clock, the one from her father*." She then excuses herself, and goes to presumably turn it off.

Now this is where it gets interesting. All of sudden, I realize we're not in my old apartment anymore, but we're in the White House. One of those funky dream switcheroos. I look over and I see former President George Bush shaking current President George Bush's hands and telling him: "you did a fine job, son," to which I snicker somewhat obnoxiously. I then put two and two together and realize that the alarm is actually signaling that it is now the end of Bush's run as President. The now 2nd former president in the room stands up, and also excuses himself to go gather the rest of his things and leave, I assume.
At this point I'm thinking to myself how I want to address him when he says his final goodbye. I had been ribbing him all during dinner as you recall, so it was kind of clear I really didn't respect him all that much. In the back of my mind I was thinking of all the hilariously disrespectful things I could call him as he left office. Something along the lines of: "Peace out G.B.!" or possibly: "Hasta la vista, Georgie!" or maybe just a simple: "Bye Bye Bushie!" All of those would have worked, it was just a matter of picking a favorite.

Just then, the man of the hour comes back into the room, looks at us, and gives one the most adorable, hapless, "aww geez," shrugs I've ever seen on a man, and as he lowers his shoulders, he says: "'re not gonna believe this, but uh, heh, I don't have a ride back home..." and we all look at each other, my mom, my grandmother, and former President George Bush, and we all start laughing hysterically. "Of course he forgets that!" we're all thinking. And at that moment, I'm so full of just pure pity for the man, that I stand up as I prepare to leave and I go: "Take care, Mr. President..."

Honestly, I did consider offering him a ride, but then I pictured a long awkward drive to Texas that I did not want to be a part of. I started making my way over to the White House bedroom to see what was taking Laura so long with that alarm clock.

And then I woke up.

31 hours and 26 minutes to go.


Yeah, but I'd still rather be playing: Anything and everything, in due time.

*I always thought you couldn't read in dreams? But I definitely remember reading this.
*For the record , I have no idea who this is.


Est. 2003 said...

SHAFEEK, been reading your blog all year. Thanks for the entertainment and Happy Birthday. I can't believe we're 30 this year. Was 67 really 17 years ago?

Mike Damus

Anonymous said...

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Liz Remus said...

I love dreams and this one was super neat! Thanks for sharing!

Most people cannot read in dreams but since you remember your dreams, you are more aware of dreaming and then are able to read.