Monday, March 2, 2009

53 Days UP - "Detox Just To Retox!"

I recently visited the beautiful country of Argentina (seen above, just to the right of, and above the plane engine) where I became briefly "Re-Paused." You see, I used most of my DS's battery during my flight over, and when I arrived at my hostel and was given a multi-port charger I immediately noticed that while my cell phone, my camera, and my iPod were all doing just fine, the DS for some reason rejected the power supply.
Right at this moment getting a proper charger for me DS became my quest. Well, side-quest, to be more precise, as travelling to Argentina to charge my DS would be something of a ridiculous story for my grandkids.* So for the time being I took it as a sign and decided to enjoy the lovely sights and sounds of Buenos Aires. I had 8 days to enjoy everything the city had to offer, on top of a wedding of two dear friends that had brought me to the country in the first place.

Despite all the wonderful food, the wine, and the bizarre mating rituals of the Argentine people whereby all women are expected to hit on the men, I was still...distracted. "At the very least," I said to myself, while averting my eyes from yet another suitor, "I'll want to have my DS charged for the plane ride back, right?"

Finally, at long last, a clue! Two days into my trip, while I was on an official guided city bus tour on a bus whose engine was apparently fitted to run on dulce de leche, I snapped a shot of a place I noticed had video games in the display window. A store in the Microcentro apparently called "electronic things." Say no more!
A few days later, after I had mastered the Argentine subway system, where all the men are required to ride on the top and/or sides of the moving cars in an effort to combat what they call: "El viajero vago," I returned to the site of "electronic things" only to be devastated by what lay before me:
Turns out, due to several supposed sightings of the ghost of Eva Peron, they had closed down half the city to investigate*. I drowned my sorrows in empanadas and matte and resigned myself to the fact that I would perhaps never be able to charge my DS down there.

Later that evening, I made my way back to the hostel. After dodging a score of infectious tango performers turning, heaving, and dancing their way through the streets I made it back to room where I stared longingly at my poor battery-starved portable gaming device. Apparently I had begun sobbing softly because Andres, an employee at Hostel Belgrano overheard me. Normally the staff wouldn't understand my muffled sobs, but Andres was different. Andres, you see, spoke English.

Andres was kind enough to point out that amazingly enough, around the corner from the hostel was a location selling Nintendo DS games and supplies, and they might have what I needed in order to charge my system. I immediately lept from my bed, ran up to the exit to the hostel, kicked a soccer ball through a flap at the base of the door, (as is Argentine custom) and made haste to the store.
The store had exactly what I needed! After turning down a number of rare and unique animals* I finally got what I needed. I ran back to the hostel, retrieved the soccer ball and kicked it back through the flap at the bottom of the door (as is Argentine custom) and tested the device out. Huzzah! Success!

Of course, I didn't just spend the rest of my time in lovely Buenos Aires alone in my room on my DS. I actually spent some of that time showing it off to Andres at the hostel! He was so excited about what I showed him that he took a break from his lame-o non-plastic, non-Rock Band compatible real guitar and started downloading some games onto his laptop*. I successfully reignited a lost passion for him, how about that!
All in all it was a great trip. I learned a lot about a new country, and - this may sound trite - but a lot about myself. Here's to wonderful new experiences!


Currently Playing: The World Ends With You (I am seriously addicted - if you are reading this, please send help), Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Assassin's Creed, Contra IV.

*"But then...why would you want to leave the country at all, grandpa?" "And there, in that question my child, lies the answer..."
*The latino equivalents of Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson were last seen exploring Recoleta Cemetary for clues. Pedro Venkman was later heard saying: "Es verdad. El hombre no tiene un pene."
*"No necesito un Mogwai!!!"
*While I may have taken some liberties in this story, what happened with Andres is 100% real. I only hope I didn't ruin some budding musician's future, and in fact only convinced a future gamer designer the path of his true desires.

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