Tuesday, March 10, 2009

60 Days UP - "Change will come, oh, change will come..."

I've been unemployed for about a month now, and looking for a job all day is incredibly boring. Here's how I managed to slack off for about 30 minutes today:

Will Change Come? That's the question I've put forth. And a response comes from an unlikely* source.

Special Thanks to: Fall Out Boy, Barack Obama Poster, The Incredible Hulk Bobblehead, R.O.B., and of course, Milhouse.


Currently playing: Umm...nothing! I'm, uh, too busy looking for a job.

*(ok, well, maybe super obvious)


starchild said...

I know how you feel, man. Been looking for months now, and nothing. Keep at it!

Will Claiborne said...

Awesome! I mean the video... the unemployment thing not so much.