Thursday, March 19, 2009

69 Days UP - "Its tricky to rock a rhyme, to rock a rhyme that's right on time..."

A recent tragedy in the news made me think about skiing and how it's one of those things on a short list that I personally would rather experience virtually rather than in reality. Now, don't get me wrong - I love sports, even though I'm fairly terrible at most of them. And I'm also not a coward - I've boogie boarded in the Atlantic Ocean, played tackle football with friends, and hacky sacked in a totally concrete-laden area. But something about skiing always just turned me off.

For starters, when I bundle up in three layers of clothing, put on a pair of thick gloves and waterproof boots, the first thought on my mind isn't: "Let's get mobile!" I'll ask you for a second time not to get me wrong, and remind you that I also A) enjoy playing in the snow, as anyone who's watched me spend 5 minutes making the perfect snowball and/or snow angel can attest, and B) like going downhill at tremendous speeds. (But honestly, for that, I'll just head back to Great Adventure and hit up El Toro again - in jeans and a t-shirt!)
Pictured Above: MORE FLAGS, MORE FUN!!!
Now I'm sure a great many stand-up comic has casually observed this better than me, but for the time, cost, effort, and risk to go skiing, there are a million other things I'd rather be doing. game skiing? Hells yeah, sign me up! A great skiing game like SSX (well really, the only skiing game series I've played besides SLALOM - shudder) perfectly captures everything I'd ever want out of the skiing/snowboarding experience with absolutely none of the downsides.*
The same thing goes for crossing a dangerous intersection, fightin' dudes on the streets, serving beer, running a city, driving like a madman, and playing in a Rock Band*.

So, have video games ruined my ambitions, or the potential for real-life experiences? Nah, they just let me dabble in things I'd probably never want to do anyway...


Currently Playing: Just finished God of War II (stupid cliffhanger ending), just about to finish doing EVERYTHING in T.W.E.W.Y., resisting the temptation of PEGGLE, and if the unemployment continues, I may just get around to Mass Effect now...

*Plus the added bonus of a great soundtrack, ridiculous tricks, and huge orange afros!
*This one I'm literally just not talented enough to do, which I'm ok with.

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