Sunday, April 26, 2009

107 Days UP - "This time I'd thought I'd listen, and the story goes I am the same..."

I think I figured out what kind of person Bizarro Matt Shafeek would be today. I've been reading up on hipsters a lot lately, and although I guess they've been around for some time now, they have never really been on my radar before. I guess there are enough other groups of people I hate that this particular subset of people managed to fall under my radar. case you don't know, hipsters are: "young, recently-settled urban middle class adults and older teenagers with interests in non-mainstream fashion and culture". They try to come off as artsy, creative types, but really they're just living on their parents dime, jumping from trend to trend while never really settling on anything that could "define them."

What's funny to me- no, just bizarre, actually - is the whole 'ironic attire' thing. They'll wear a t-shirt or accessory with some lame gag/dated message on it (see: apparently most t-shirts from the 70's?), and wear it with kind of a backwards appreciation. Now, personally I can't remember the last time I bought clothes at all - I literally got to the point a few years ago where I started saying "yeah, I have something pretty close to this" to everything I saw that I liked, which means I met my threshold for clothing*? But anyways, clothes shopping for me always seems like my weakest moment of giving into society's demands for my personal appearance, especially after I grew out of my "Simpsons t-shirt for every day of the week" phase, when I guess you could say I was free of societal influence/looked like a huge dork. And then once it was brought to my attention that I was dressing up like an idiot for 17 years, I couldn't go clothes shopping alone because I simply couldn't trust my own opinion on anything I bought. Does this fit me right? Do these colors match? Can I wear this to go out, to like, nice places? Do I seem more like a tall guy when I put this on?

Right around college, all of this started to matter a lot to me, and once it did, I thought to myself: "hey, look at me, I care about how I look! I'm an adult now - a member of modern society - a society of people who will hopefully accept my appearance in public!" So the idea that there are people out there who reject this concept, who wear shitty/ironic t-shirts - and not, as I had thought, by shopping at Banana Republic - in order to actually be cool? Well, that just makes my brain hurt a little. The funny thing is, at this point those Simpsons t-shirts are probably only a few years away from being "ironically cool" if I understand the coolness cycle* properly.

So blah blah blah - bottom line, this entire blog post has been an excuse for me to play dress up. Just now I dug through my wardrobe and accouterments, and I asked myself: "What would Bizarro/Hipster Matt Shafeek look like?":

Whaddya guys think? Did I nail the look? 'Cause honestly, I still kind of have no idea what they actually wear. Oh shit - by asking for your opinion, have I negated everything?

(By the way, in case you are wondering, Bizarro/Hipster Matt Shafeek is wearing a wool cap that he found in a bar, a clip on tie on the right side of his collar, that he believes is for much younger boys, a Barack Obama pin that cost him $4 from a conservative Christian store around the corner from his apartment, a Reel Big Fish t-shirt, which he is "wearing ironically" for the photo, even though Real Life Matt Shafeek (R.L.M.S.) is actually a big fan, his glasses that R.L.M.S. should actually always be wearing but does not, an "ironically held" Wilson pro-spiral football, and finally, some torn up - um, sleep trunks? I wanna say sleep trunks - that R.L.M.S. used to wear to sleep but Bizarro/Hipster Matt Shafeek totally wears out on the town)


Currently Playing: Just earned my official "Burnout License" in Burnout Paradise. Guess I've technically beaten the game, even though that's only about 52% complete. That and Exit 2 will probably be little distractions to go back to in between my larger meals. Speaking of which, I really am having a hard time getting into Twilight Princess, and am considering putting it aside again and returning to Mass Effect. Honestly though, as long as this unemployment continues, there's really no reason why I have to discriminate at all!

*and I guess, to come full circle - caring about what people think...
*The Coolness Cycle - Unknown -> Indie -> Mainstream -> Overdone -> Out of Style -> Minor Comeback -> Totally Out of Style -> Super Lame -> Ironically Cool -> Obscure Reference. Mileage per person/style/form of entertainment/thing may vary. I'm hoping to make the jump to "Indie" by 2011, and then to "Obscure Reference" by 2012.


Will Claiborne said...

I think you've got the look! :)

I can relate to your feelings towards Twilight Princess: I started playing it during its Gamecube release in Dec 2006, and I finished it Dec last year (on the Wii, in which Link is right-handed). So it took me a full two years to finish! At most single-player campaigns take me three weeks, and usually within a week if I really enjoy it.

There was a review I read that said Twilight Princess' "presentation seems stuck in the past", and that rung true for me, but I still think it is/was an amazing game.

Bodhisattva Harlem Mama said...

i dig the glasses mr. hipster.