Friday, May 1, 2009

112 Days UP - "You load sixteen tons, whaddya get? Another day older and deeper in debt..."

This pic is labeled "The Closer" to all who receive it.

I'm a little less than 3 months unemployed now. In my latest desperate attempt to stand out, I've started attaching the above photo to my job applications - especially the ones that ask for a "sense of humor." Other than pointing to this brilliantly hilarious blog, I can think of no other way to show my lighter side than with a thumbs up, a weird smile and a sticky note on my head.

Speaking of this blog, I've become semi-aware of my web presence recently, in that I've been wondering if it's preventing me from getting any jobs. Is being a huge nerd and acting really silly on the internet enough to dissuade legitimate businesses from hiring you these days? Because if so, I'm kind of boned.

Hehe...I said "boned."


Currently Playing: Just started the newest Castlevania for the the DS - Order of Ecclesia - pretty addictive so far, I have to say. Also just checked out the new X-men Origins: Wolverine demo - holy crap, that game is vicious! The game just informed me of exactly how I've wanted Wolverine to behave and play all these years. Kinda makes me less excited to see the PG-13 rated movie now...

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Columbo said...

LOOOOL that is really funny ;)