Tuesday, May 26, 2009

137 Days UP - "Give me a reason to end this discussion, to break with tradition, to fold and divide..."

I've been somewhat lax in my posting duties for a few weeks - but I hope you'll forgive me because I've been seriously enjoying me some games.

After just about all of these lengthy game playing sessions, there's always that moment where I go "man, where'd all that time go?" and at some point in the past I might have felt a twinge of regret - Hell, my year off from games - the reason this very blog exists - was something of a penance for the many hours passed on my couch/in front of the computer/not reading a book on the train.

Nowadays though, I try my best to set aside the time I can and just enjoy the ride. I realize one day in the near future I probably won't be able to invest the kind of time I do now in this stuff, and I'll look back and miss this NEARLY FOUR MONTH PERIOD OF UNEMPLOYMENT. Thankfully though, I'll be too busy counting all the money in my "Money/Laser Tag Pit" with my Asian lingerie model girlfriend to really be too upset*...

Goodbye Sunday afternoon! Hello Plants Vs. Zombies!

So...having said all of this, you should check out Plants Vs. Zombies and Mass Effect if you like video games. One's a nice casual tower defense game that hooks you in an never lets go, and one is a glorious, epic space RPG that sucks* you in and never lets go. I'll let you figure out which is which. Also, I learned how to play Werewolf (a form of the party game Mafia) this weekend too, which is also a lot of fun if you have a bigger-than-Rock-Band-can-handle size group of people all willing to try something new and fun (and non-electronic, if that's your thing).

Point is: Game Game Game Game Game - because, well, it's one of the few great things out there that they haven't linked to cancer...yet.


*That is, until the robot uprising.
*An important distinction.

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