Tuesday, June 9, 2009

151 Days Up - "Listening for the pulse that just might drive these hearts tonight..."

Quick post tonight, boys and girls (and apparently, if everyone's else blog is any kind of evidence, this is how most of my entries are supposed to be?). I just wanted to let you know that thanks to the incontrovertible laws of the universe, I'm officially a TRENDSETTER!



Yup, that's right, once three people have done something new, the first person to have done it is officially the mastermind between the now obviously unstoppable viral force that is giving up video games for a year and blogging about it.

I have to be careful what I do (and subsequently) blog about now, knowing the power I now possess. If I announce that I'm jumping off a bridge tomorrow, it could easily turn into a triple suicide, or a "trifectacide" as some would say. With great power comes great responsibility.

In all honesty though, good luck to Christopher Wright (no posts in 4 months - you fall off the wagon, buddy?) and Melvin Chan, who's even nice enough to thank me at the top of his blog. I'm really flattered and I hope you guys have the same awesome experience I did - which is give up video games, do a bunch of other cool stuff, then come back and totally gorge on them again!


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