Thursday, July 9, 2009

180 Days UP - "Keep a calendar this way you will always know..."

I just had one of those rare days where I feel like I barely did anything, but a lot of stuff still got done. Does that make any sense?

In any event, I have some exciting news! I was recently asked to become a blogger for a new gaming website, ampedgaming, all thanks to this blog! I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity, and I like to think of this as the latest sweet reward for my year off back in 2008. Check out the site if you have any interest in gaming news - and/or random silly pictures of me. My posting nickname is RC Jester (like my gamertag). I plan to continue writing in this blog, as I don't think the gaming community is quite ready for updates on my cat, my time at the gym, or an update on my earwax situation (stay tuned for this post, loyal readers).

So - six months back into playing games, and I feel like I've managed to strike a nice balance of being a productive gamer (also known as a slacker) and a productive member of society (also known as an upstanding citizen?). Of course being unemployed for five months certainly helped.

Finally, I was late to the party, but I'm currently having my mind BLOWN by The Wire. I've written in the past about having a great appreciation for great television - one that takes the slow burn approach to its characters, its plot and its themes. I don't think there's ever been a show to do things as well as this show. And I'm only three seasons in! If you like good television, and you consider yourself a fairly patient person (I'll admit it takes a little while to suck you in), then do yourself a favor and check out this show on DVD if you haven't already.


Currently Playing: N+ (thank you for the discount, Microsoft), Prince of Persia, and I finally started Patapon this week. All good games, and pretty enjoyable, but I feel like I waiting to hooked on something like I am with the Wire right now. Ah, well - Fall's practically around the corner!

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