Sunday, October 11, 2009

274 Days UP - "It's the only way I have learned to express myself..."

(Update - Here's an interesting addendum to my post from Kotaku. I can safely say that with Batman - it was 95% enjoyment, 5% compulsion - those last few challenges were really annoying)

I start all of my blog entries off with a snippet from one of my many favorites songs - either currently loaded up on iTunes or from a quick google search, but today I want to use a much longer section, because despite whatever the song might actually be about (I'd prefer it if all bands just explicitly listed the backstory/details of what they're signing about in all their songs, but it would seem they all prefer that we foolishly speculate), I happen to think it works REALLY well as a metaphor for a gamer, and for my life in general. Here's the snippet, from the song "Let's Get Fucked Up And Die" - already getting excited, right? - from one of my favorite bands on the planet, Motion City Soundtrack.*

Let's Get Fucked Up And Die (snippet)

Let's get fucked up and die..
I'm riding hard on the last lines of every lie,
And the BMX bike of my life is about to explode, I'm about to explode.
I'm a mess, I'm a wreck.
I am perfect, and I have learned to accept all my problems and shortcomings,

'Cause I'm so visceral, yet deeply inept.

I want to thank you for being a part of my forget-me-nots and marigolds..

And all the things that don't get old..
Is it legal to do this? I surely don't know.
It's the only way I have learned to express myself
through other peoples' descriptions of life..
I'm afraid I'm alone and entirely useless...
(In this department)

Explaining what every little line in the poem means to me would be kinda lame, and is something I have to fight the urge to do right now (but I'd be happy to tell you if you really wanted to know. You see, Regina Spektor, was that SO HARD?!?) - however I'll say one thing: the use of the word visceral sealed the deal for me.

Actually, all I wanted to post today was my latest gaming achievement, something I haven't accomplished in quite some time:
Say, what's Batman looking at over there?? Is there villainry afoot?

Oh no, it's just my PERFECT F-ING SCORE CARD!!!

I feel like the most definitive way to judge a game's a quality is to give it to a 30 year old gamer with a full time job, outside hobbies, and a generally busy schedule, and see how much he plays it. If he likes it, maybe he'll put in enough time to beat it. If he LOVES it, maybe he'll power through many many BRUTAL and nigh-RIDICULOUS challenges outside the main game in order to do everything there is to do, and just keep playing it because he's having so much goddamn fun.*

So there you have it folks. My first official review on this blog. I, Matt Shafeek, have 100%-ed Batman: Arkham Asylum. If you are a gamer, you need to play this game if you have not already.


PS: Slightly cold off of the presses, but still just as entertaining, I have two more episodes of Extremely Local News for ya!

*They are a fantastic band, in general, if you're in the market for some great music I am in no position to try to describe other than 'kick-ass'.
*Or maybe, you know, that one gamer just happens to be awesome at video games in general.

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