Tuesday, November 17, 2009

311 Days UP - "It's time like these, time and time again"

Just try and unlock me!

Hoo-doggy! I just had one of the greatest, most nostalgic, multiplayer-based gaming weekend of my life, and boy are my thumbs tired*!

Friday night I spent some time playing Street Fighter IV with an old high school friend. This particular friend - whose name is Ryu, believe it or not - and I met in high school, and soon after we met we both discovered we had an affinity for Street Fighter II, the most popular (well, only) fighter of the time. We spent many a night shooting fireballs and dragon punches back and forth. And this Friday night was no different. We actually invested most of our time into unlocking one of the final secret characters, (a character speculated about as far back as Street Fighter II, but never seen) which was awesome.

Saturday I hit a milestone I don't think I've hit before, and it was thanks to two close friends of mine who amazed me with their passion and dedication to both purchasing (we waited on line for nearly two hours to get the game a day early from the Nintendo World Store in NYC) and playing (we immediately went back to said friends' home and played from 5:30pm - 12:30am) New Super Mario Bros. Wii. As crazy as I am about video games, I rarely cross the 4 hour mark in any one sitting. But minus brief beer, chinese food and bathroom breaks, we powered on through all night long. We even wore the free, bright Mario-red colored t-shirts we were given when we bought the game to rehearsal the next morning, proudly showing off our dedication to...looking like total dorks, I guess.

It's-me-Ma--ah, surely you-a know by-a now..

It's almost cliche to mention my love of classic Mario games, but it was really was the first Super Mario that solidified my current love if video games. My dedication to playing and beating that game easily surpassed all my other friends, which should have been an early sign how much this stuff was going to take over my life. And each Super Mario sequel got me more and more excited for what the creators had to offer.

By the way, did I mention the new one is fantastic? Fans of old school Mario games, Super Mario Bros. 3 in particular (a personal favorite of mine), will absolutely adore this game. Plus, 4 player co-op, with the ability to help (or if you're feeling naughty, hinder) your fellow players, as well as drop in and out at any time make it a really great game to play with company over.


Finally, Sunday, as well as several chunks of time surrounding the weekend, before and after, I invested quite a bit of time into Resident Evil 5. The Resident Evil series has been a staple in my gaming diet since college, when I discovered RE2 my freshman year of college, and obsessively played it over and over again (in the dark, just to solidy my presence in my dorm as someone not to be socialized with) to discover every little secret waiting to be unlocked.

Though I mostly wound up playing this sequel alone as well, I did spend a little bit of time busting caps in zombie's heads with friend of the blog (read: reader) Will Claiborne, whose companionship informed me that despite all the glaring flaws the game may have, the co-op play, the game's one incredibly strong addition (well, two - the game is gorgeous in HD) makes you forget just about everything else.

This weekend was amazing because 3 nights mostly spent indoors in front of a television is, objectively speaking, not usually considered a particularly exciting one. But sprinkle in a few friends and a heaping dosage of nostaglia to my video games, and Christ on a cracker, there was nothing else I'd rather be doing!


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*Just kidding, that never happens to me.


Adrian said...

It is amazing how playing a game with friends can make a difference. One of my first time ever playing games with friends was Heroes of Might and Magic II. I was a kid, but it was so amazing. A sleepover at my neighbors house with all of our friends on teams together playing a 8v8 with 4 teams. That experience is still the most fun I have ever had in video game memory. Heroes of Might and Magic V is the latest version and has been for some time now. It is also one of the few games ported to Mac. I was surprised to see that a fellow student of mine had an interest in the game and had played it before. We played for two longs nights and it was great. I had not wanted to play the game at all before then.

Just goes to show the power of people. Maybe that is why Xbox Live and PSN are so popular.

Will Claiborne said...

I challenge you to a game of Street Fighter!

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