Friday, November 20, 2009

314 Days UP - "The mood is right, the spirit's up, we're here tonight and that's enough..."

AMNY (apparently my new favorite source for material) had an article yesterday on how the service industry stands to lose a lot of money this year on seasonal tipping. Another tragic victim of the economy, blah blah blah. Anyways, the highlight of the whole thing comes in a quote from Patricia Fitzpatrick, head of the Etiquette School of New York, who "advises clients that if cuts have to be made, it's gifts for friends and family that should go first, because service providers can earn 10 percent of their annual income through the year-end bonuses."

Man, would I HATE to be that woman's relative and/or close friend:
"Billy, Mary, Jerry, George, Cathy, Uncle Greg, Aunt Lisa, little Derrick, Gem-gem, I just wanted to let you know I've cut back this year on the gifts, because as you all know the service industry is struggling, and it's up to each of us to prop them up during this tough economic climate. So everyone dig into this box of assorted teas - whatever you can grab is your present for the year..."

Blatantly copying from an old improv friend, I'm starting a new feature in my blog where I'm going to highlight some of the great moments from my most recent improv show with Phooka, which I perform with at the Magnet Theater every Wednesday night.

What you missed from this week's Phooka show:
-11/18/09 @ 10:00PM-

-A Communist themed toy shop, complete with self-propelling yo-yo
-A film director and his brother fascinated by a story (an immigrant toy shop owner, her sister, and a laundry list of sexual encounters) that writes itself
-A David Lynch feel running through the entire show, complete sporadic non-sequitors, nonsensical moves, and a collapse of the 4th wall. Oh, and Lynch himself emerging from the body of another to end the show.
-Pro-Nazi Agenda Themed Cards
-Lesbian sibling sexual experimentation (with a creepy cymbal monkey watching) in the attic of an Anne Frank-esque hideout
-Finally, my favorite line of the night: "When they came for the toy shops, I said nothing. When they came for the high-end yogurt shops, I said nothing. And then, they came for me."