Wednesday, November 25, 2009

319 Days UP - "Baby seasons change but people don't..."

A few months ago while I was at PAX I was lucky enough to be interviewed by one of my favorite new gaming podcasts, A Life Well Wasted - which, I've coined the This American Life of video game podcasts. It's less about current events, and about game culture itself, and the people in the industry/gaming world who eat, sleep and breath games. The latest episode is entitled: 'Help,' and I'm the 2nd of three segments. Like many people I hate hearing the sound of my own voice, but I think I come off intelligent enough, eh? Leave a note in the comments if you've given it a listen!


PS: Isn't the poster for the episode awesome? And not just because my name is on it in tiny letters at the bottom! I bought it the second it went on sale (admittedly, mostly because my name is on it in tiny letters at the bottom).


Jon said...

Damn man, I read the description of the show and immediately thought "That kind of sounds like Matt". Sure enough, it was you. Very cool, I'll be giving it a listen today.

Will Claiborne said...

Yeah, great job! Very well narrated. You summed a lot of the best parts of 'Paused' (like the Wii parties and the stove burner analogy) very well.

The Roboctopus said...

I was just recently pulled into A Life Well Wasted, and I have to admit, your story has inspired me. I'm looking to drop games for a year and see what I can't do with my friends to work out a contract and each move to a healthier life (at least for a year).

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