Thursday, December 10, 2009

334 Days UP - "I'm so 3008, you so 2000 and late..."

(I missed posting about a few shows but I'm going to try to get back on track now and post an little recap of my improv show last night)

What you missed from last night's Phooka show, in words and pictures (12/9/09):

-A teary breakup between a polygist prison guard, his second (at the very least, non-maternal) wife and his first wife, now in prison.
-A joyful reunion between an escapee husband, his boisterous, loud wife, and some noisy neighbors.
-My very first full on male on male improv sex scene in which I, as a gigalo, was instructed to yell "You're a free man!" and "You can go to the bathroom whenever you want!" to my john, a man who after getting married and being imprisoned in a women's prison, told me "I can finally get back to his roots: paid homosexual sex." (Easily my favorite line of the night)
-A family of children, desperate for their real mamma's breast milk, and not 'fake mamma's empty, dry, useless breasts ', ultimately settling for what they could get, a suitcase full of stolen food.
-A prison guard letting his prisoner choose his own fate, an easily escapable men's prison, or easily escapable women's prison?
-A non-caring but VERY confident politician who, after spotted fake UFOs for years is finally visited by aliens, albeit primarily for a get-rich scheme.
-The politics of a far away alien land, and an alien species tired of the same old farklong.
-"Boobie milk? Now that's worth screamin' about!"

We have great shows every week. I encourage you to come check us out if you live in NYC area. Wednesdays @10PM at the Magnet Theater.


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