Sunday, December 27, 2009

356 Days UP - "But then they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible, logicial, oh responsible, practical..."

I just realized I lost a few days in my count somewhere along the way, realizing that by own count I would have hit 365 days earlier than Jan. 6 2010, otherwise known as my Pause-A-Versary*. No matter, I'm probably gonna stop counting after that day anyway, as it seems moot to count the days at this point. I had the countdown of the year before and the 'count up,' of the year after. I think what I'll start doing in my titles is listing the animal I most feel like that day. Ha, no, I won't be doing that at all.

So... nearly a year back on games after a year off of them. The other day a friend saw me after reading a Facebook posting I'd made about being excited to watch Dexter Season 4 and play Assassin's Creed 2 all Christmas weekend (which I did, and was pretty damn awesome on both counts) and said to me: "didn't you learn anything from your year off?" which struck me for a moment, because, yeah, I sorta felt like I did. But he seemed to be of the mindset that learning 'anything' would involve me picking up the controller again, deciding it was a waste of time, and putting it back down again for good. Which I obviously haven't done, and don't think I will, ever.

But certainly there has been a fair amount of reflection recently. Looking at what I accomplished in 2008 versus 2009, there are obvious drops in my reading (probably about half or possible less books read), writing (less blog entries, though I think I've maintained this pretty well), exercising (not much since I ended my gym membership in April), and so on. Part of it can be blamed on being unemployed for seven months of the year, when I certainly had the time but wasn't nearly as motivated as I once was to keep those things up. And I did spend a fair amount of time cooking this year, which is the one thing I'm really proud of myself for that I didn't do at all the year before.

But the reality is I don't think I've found the perfect balance just yet. I indulged quite a bit in gaming, and while I certainly had some catching up to do, I probably could have found a few more projects with which to spend my time. I definitely err on the side of not pushing myself hard enough, hence my seemingly brazen - but to me perfectly logical - decision to go all the way last year and just not allowing myself to play at all.

Perhaps what I've learned is that, for me, limiting myself to playing just a handful of hours per week is even harder than forbidding it entirely. That's the big note to myself for 2010. Gaming is such a time-consuming hobby it's incredibly easy to invest hours, days, weeks without even realizing it. It's also incredibly easy to realize it, post about it in a blog post, and then forget about it again an hour later when you're on your 2nd 4 hour marathon of the day.

Closer to the end of the full year back on games I'll show the full fun list I've compiled of what I played in 2009, without any of this lovely self-judgment.

Oh, and guess what I got for Christmas? PAX East tickets baby!


Currently Playing: As I mentioned above, I've sunk my teeth into some Assassin's Creed 2, and am thoroughly enjoying it. And right now I can't-a help-a wanting to-a always a speak with-a dis accent!

*Somewhere in the course of writing this blog post, I realized 'Matt: Un-paused' - sounded a lot like 'menopause', and I had a moment like Troy did on a recent episode of Community where I said to myself: "there's a joke in there." Unfortunately, after 2 minutes I couldn't find it, so I gave up. And this is where jokes that don't get made get tossed folks. I hope you enjoyed this look...behind the scenes!

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