Friday, January 22, 2010

One Foot In The Grave Adopter

I realized recently that I'm actually the opposite with video games as I am with nearly every other piece of technology. I'm an early adopter of all things video games in general (though here's a startling fact that still kind of boggle my mind a little: I still don't have a PS3), but in every other piece of popular electronics, I pretty much lag behind the pack, being lapped by most of my peers by several generations in a most embarrassing manner.

I had a black and white 1st gen iPod until about a year and a half ago, now I have the first gen color one. I recently purchased a new standard, bare bones flip phone, which I half assumed they didn't make anymore, given that no one else I know has them. And only in the past year or so have I upgraded to the relative current generation of digital cameras and televisions.

The biggest embarrassment of my collection is my computer. The PC I use right now at home was made in 2001. That's right. NINE YEARS AGO. I believe it received some sort of minor upgrade at one point (I don't think XP was available then, and currently I have what I assume it some form of XP Beta), but don't be mistaken, this computer runs like a 9 year old computer. I can't even keep facebook open any more, as whatever memory it takes to run the home page eats up every last piece of available memory my computer has. And this is a machine I use every day. Typing each letter in a twitter update can take about 10 seconds per character. I might as well just send all my friends telegrams! (Mental note: potential business idea - Twitter Telegrams?)

So anyways, it brings me great pleasure to announce that I've purchased my first laptop recently, to arrive here at or before Valentine's Day. Because what I lack in my life in terms of physical love, I fully intend to make up for with electronic love. That sounded creepy...intentionally. Yes, it's a Dell Studio 15*, seen below in a sexy laptop spread:
How exciting! Now where do I plug in my 28K modem?

As to why someone who uses so many electronics in his day to day life would be so seemingly unwilling to leap eagerly into the new generation of gadgets and toys, is certainly a factor. And general laziness (I think its safe to say I get more enjoyment out of a new video game than a new gadget, unless that new gadget is a new video game system).

I think the bottom line is that new generations usually only seem like a small step forward, and even when something wholly new and original comes out (a la the iPhone), I've decided the accepted behavior is to let the people who simply need to have it get it, find the problems with it, let the company work out the kinks, and you wait around for the next one to come out. Which I also don't who knows. All I can say is my Xbox 360, which I bought the day it came out for twice as much as it costs now after waiting on line for 16 hours, died on me twice in 5 years (with one of those years going completely unused). So perhaps that experience soured me a little.

In summation: I don't buy new things all that often, but this week I did, and I'm excited, whee.


Currently Playing: Just finished New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Best Bowser Battle eva!), and have basically cleared the table for this Tuesday's release of Mass Effect 2. WHEEE!!!

*Yes, I'm still living in a time when Macs aren't considered cool, hip, or the all around the better option.

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