Thursday, April 1, 2010

Now Entering Phase Two

"No officer, trust me, this'll make sense in a...RUN FOR IT!"

What's that picture all about? Why am I getting naked on the subway? Is it a metaphor for how this blog makes me feel, emptying my soul into a public venue like this? Well, before I explain that, let's get a few things out the way.

First things first:

Achievement Unlocked:
100 Blog Entries Written!

Yup that's right.

Here we are. 99 blog entries since I started my long journey into the world of...well, not playing video games for a year. What started out as a silly self-dare became a pretty important stepping stone in my life. And while that experience is behind me, this blog lives on, having evolved into much more than a simple chronicling of my day to day life. Of all I accomplished during that year, I'm most proud of this blog, and it shows – as it's the one thing I've stuck to now that I'm 'Unpaused' more than anything else.

The way I see it, the simple absence of a vice, bad habit, an obsession - whatever you want to call it - isn't all that remarkable until it's replaced with something positive or personally fulfilling. A heroin addict who gives up heroin and spends his time sleeping more instead isn't exactly doing anything more with his life, right? I mean, heck, if that's all he was doing, he might as well keep getting high, amiright? Ok, maybe not.

To be clear, I'm not comparing video games to heroin. I've never been 'addicted' to video games, per se, but if there's one thing I am actually addicted to, it's procrastination (now that is exactly like heroin!). Television, video games, email, podcasts, text messages, there's no question if I have something to get done, I can way too easily figure out a way to "ease my way into the day," on a free day and find myself late into the afternoon before I get a single productive thing done. And forget about it if my goals for the day are something nebulous, along the lines of "be productive!" If I don't make a to-do list, I might as well write off the day.

I've gone off on a bit of a tangent here. Anyways, the point of this post was to give myself a little pat on the back for slowly but surely becoming the writer I've always pictured myself being. And it certainly doesn't stop here. The goal for the next 100 entries and beyond is to get even more done. More specifically, I present to you the following Unpaused Agenda*:

1) Write at least two blog entries per week (meaning entry #200 should be here less than a year from now!).
2) Make some attempts at writing fiction (for this blog and in the non-public domain).
3) Add more personal challenges to myself (both in writing and life in general) that I catalog here.
4) Never stop having fun with it! (which sounds dumb, but that's the fear that's keeping me from doing the above)
5) Rely less on extraneous parenthesis (nah, that's not gonna happen).

I had a real long, personal story I was going to tell today, but now I'm thinking it's probably best served as it's own entry. Plus - I'm not too proud to take it easy on myself now that I've got to write two entries a week!

So I guess that's that. Thanks to everyone who's been reading this blog since the beginning, as well as those of you who stumbled in somewhere along the line. There's a reason this isn't being written in a private journal. I very much value all the feedback, criticism and support you all have to provide.


PS: Oh yeah, the picture. Well, I got naked on the subway recently for a mission with Improv Everywhere:

PPS: In case you don't get it yet, take a moment to think about what day it is today (or what day this is being posted)

*Well, there's the list, it's official. Guess there's no more slacking off!

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