Saturday, May 29, 2010

Conquering The Stage, The Screen & The Magazine Singles Section

Things are really coming together right now. It's an exciting time in my life, and I'm happy to share it will my faithful readers.

Calling all the sexy, tiny pink ladies out there!

Firstly, I appeared in this week's Time Out New York Singles Issue, which is exciting. In fact, right now, I'm gonna go ahead and just say that after this blog post, this site will probably become exclusively a dating/sex blog, where I'll talk about the hundreds of women I've slept with (with the utmost discretion, of course - changing names, using euphemisms like 'then I refreshed her page and updated her facebook status to: "satisfied".' and of course, taking questions and giving advice to all my readers. In other words, I'll be the next Arthur Kade.

Ted Danson totally peed in here!

Second, yesterday I got to be a photo double on the second season finale for Bored To Death, the HBO show I should probably check out at some point. Not only did I get to spend 6 hours hanging out with (awesome lookalikes) Zach Galifianakis, Jason Schwartzman and Ted Danson, but I also got to behind the wheel of a vintage Mercedes Benz and drive around the streets of Long Island City, doing crazy entry-level stuntman orders from the director like: "Drive as close past the camera as possible...but safely!" It was a total trip, to forgive the pun. At the end of the shoot I saw the real Galifinakis, Schwartzman and Dansen, and I snapped a photo of them, and was quickly told by the Schwartzman double that that was a bad move, and stuff like that was generally frowned upon. Whoopsie!

Ok, addendum to my earlier statement: my blog going forward won't just be a totally awesome sex blog - it will also be about my journey to become not only the photo double of a character I'm unaware of on a show I've never seen, but also my meteoric rise to photo-doubling fame, pho-dubbin' (as we say in the biz) the likes of many, many other famous short, bald olive-skinned actors: from that Indian guy from Office Space, to...uh, let me get back to you later on that. In other words, yes,I will be even more like Arthur Kade.

Ah, the smell of COMEDY GOLD...

Finally, I had an awesome Phooka show this past week. We all decided to play dress up, and with nice suits, dresses, and fake mustaches in tow, we delivered both a hilarious and a fashion-conscious performance. One final addition to my blog - I'm gonna start discussing my style going forward as well. I think I have a certain knowledge, a certain je ne sais quoi for combining good looks and hilarious comedic behavior, that I'd love to pass on to my readers. So going forward I'm going to add a "Shafeek Style" section to my blog where, on top of dating/sex discussions, and the latest on my 'journey', I'll also grace you all with tips on how to be a little more like me. It's a lot like my old friend, I think you've heard of him: Arthur Kade.

Well, that was a fun bit, right? If you nothing about that guy, please do spend on time on his blog, it's kind of amazing how he really does everything I said above without a hint of irony.

In all seriousness though - I am super grateful for all the exciting opportunities I've had over the past few months. If I have anyone to thank, I think it's this wonderful city, that I will never leave, and will never stop praising. While the aforementioned events obviously could have possibly take place elsewhere, I think the sheer variety of things I've been able to do while living here is uniquely and decidedly thanks to New York. So thanks a bunch, ya big galoot!


Currently Playing: Sadly little these days! But I did beat Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks, and that inspired me to give Twilight Princess yet another go. Third times the charm people! And as soon as I get some writing done, I'm going to reward myself with one of the following games: Blur, Alan Wake, or Super Mario Galaxy 2. Which one would you vote for, hmm??


Honeykitz said...

Just don't kiss and tell, Matt.

David Scholl said...

My roommate just finished Alan Wake and from what I saw it was repetitive and had a horrible ending.