Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Pimp Post

I don't normally do plug posts, but there's no reason not to promote other things I'm working on here every once in a while, right?

I recently starting writing for a new gaming news site, called Gaming Bits. I'm super excited to be working for them, and hopefully I'll be continuing to podcast with them as well. I just finished my first post, and you can read it here if you feel so inclined.

This is more specific to anyone living in the New York area - but I'm also currently in a really awesome production called Pope! The Musical, an original production put up by a close friend of mine. It's about a pious Pope (a fictional pious Pope) undergoing a crisis and greatest largest test of fate. I played a number of roles including the lackey cardinal to the main villain, the Archbishop, the chief of the Daily Exposition, the Prime Minister of Uzbekistan and many more! It's a super fun show we're running every Saturday night at 7:00(except Memorial Day weekend) throughout May. AND we just found out we're going to be in the Fringe Festival in August! Super exciting!

For tickets (which are only $10!), location, reservations, etc., make your way over here.

Finally, my improv team Phooka is up every Wednesday night. And while it's easy to slack off and not promote this show/team all the time because of our indefinite run, I'm definitely doing our shows a disservice, because lately we've been knocking them out of the park. Come on out and see us sometime if you haven't yet, because we will make you laugh.

We're up every Wednesday night at the Magnet theater, including tonight at 10:00pm. Check the Magnet Theater's website for other showtimes, reservation, directions and info.

And that my friends, is my Pimp Post.



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