Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Post-A-Day: 5 More Reasons Why I Game

Continuing the list I started yesterday:

5 More Reasons Why I Game:

6) Becoming Batman (and other, lesser superheroes)
(Examples: Batman: Arkham Asylum, Halo: Reach, most games if you think about it)

Press 'A' here to end the game 5 minutes in.

If I ever won the lottery, I'm pretty sure I would spend all my winnings creating an elaborate, fake Gotham City the size of a strip mall that I could watch over dressed at Batman. Its citizens would be kittens, and every night I'd stop some sort of kitten crime* (that I of course would have paid someone else to stage) from happening using a combination of my strength, detective skills, and slowly dwindling fortune. Until that day comes, games like Batman: Arkham Asylum fill that urge that I have deep within me to fight crime with just a slight layer of protection from actual danger.

7) Conquering The World
(Examples: Dragon Quest IX, Mario & Luigi 3: Bowser's Inside Story)

Someone cast that spell that kills everything already!

There's something immensely satisfying about starting off as a worthless little peon in a world gone wrong, and slowly over time becomes a powerhouse of - well, if not physical strength (rarely does your character actually become more badass looking), then certainly numerical strength. I'm talking leveling up, kids! By slowly but surely kicking the ass of bad guys just a little bit weaker than you over and over again, you slowly grow powerful enough to make the world your bitch.

It's the equivalent to me of those montage training scenes you see in movies played out. Imagine if that bully from junior high who stuffed you into lockers and gave you wedgies all the time (to name two random things that totally never happened to me) was no longer a threat, after you lifted weights for like, 3 days. Now the bully becomes the bullied, and frankly, he had it coming.

8) Overcoming The (Seemingly) Impossible
(Examples: Super Meat Boy, Defense Grid

Ok, I think I'm supposed to avoid the saws. Unless...no, yeah I am.

This sounds similar to the last one, but this feeling scratches a different sort of itch. These are games that, unlike most others, actively want you to fail. They openly mock your existence with every lava fountain, every spiked wall, every bottomless pit. You're not supposed to conquer this level, so just give up now. It's totally impossible so you should just go home. Unless...unless you timed all of this just right and made exactly the right move at exactly the right time*...then maybe? Wow, but will you ever be able to do that? Probably not, I mean, who could ever - OH MAN YOU TOTALLY DID IT! YOU'RE THE COOLEST GUY EVER! EVERY HIGH FIVE THIS GUY RIGHT NOW!

If you've ever done a little jig in celebration of finally beating something on your 302nd attempt, you know the feeling.

9) Havin' A Party
(Examples: Rock Band 3, Wii Sports)

Where's my Ben Folds tracks, guys?

Some games are just made to be played with others in the room. And in the case of great party games like Rock Band, once your party gets going you'll quickly have a room full of people calling next game. And is there anything non-orgy related that a large group of people can do together at a party that's more exciting than gaming? Remember, I said non-orgy related.

What's great about a really good party game is nerds like me can play it like I play any other game (TO WIN!), but others can take a decidedly casual approach and have fun too. Little addition like "No Fail" mode make all the difference. 

10) Pure Unadulterated Fun
(Examples: Plants Vs. Zombies, so very very many others)

Above: Fun.

This is really what it boils down to in the end. When all else fails, I play to have fun, and good games are just a lot of fun to play, no matter what part of my brain they're scratching. If you've gotten into a game enough that you've thought about playing it all day, then I really think you haven't found your game yet. 


Day 2 complete! I have a tough decision to make very soon. I'm not really going to be home tomorrow. So - will I write before work tomorrow, during my lunch break, or just before midnight when I get home after my show? Check the timestamp tomorrow for the answer!


*You guys have no idea how cute/deadly kitten joker would be.
*It still means nothing to you though, and you don't know why.

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