Thursday, November 4, 2010

Post-A-Day: Game Dreams

I don't lucid dream very often, but I DO engage in 'game dreams' fairly regularly - which is sadly much less exciting.

The worlds that pop up in my dreams are often very 'gamey' - less so in the literal "the world around me consists of pixels, goomba, and powerups, but like, "crazy shit'll constantly be happening, with very little consequence."

Example: I recently dreamed that, while crossing a rickety bridge in some kind of amusement park, a boulder landed on the side of the bridge I was coming from and began barreling towards me. I ran and I ran, but I didn't make it to the end in time. I died, or least I thought I did.

The next thing I knew I was awake, sitting down in the food court eating chicken fingers with a friend. Shortly into the conversation she asks: "didn't you die, or something?" and I remember that I did, in fact, recently get crushed by a large boulder on a rickety bridge. Suddenly a flood of questions went through my mind: "what happened? Why am I still here? Am I a god? Do I just have multiple lives, or is this a Groundhog Day type situation?" Eventually my friend suggested that perhaps I was just dreaming. And upon taking a bite of my chicken fingers, and noticing how it didn't quite seem like I was really eating the food (funny how I never notice them normally though, while dreaming), I quickly woke up - just before it could have become a fun lucid dream!

Also, if I put in more than a few hours into a game before I go to bed, you'd better believe that game is making an appearance that night in my dreams. This is an actual studied thing, you know. While listening to Radiolab recently, I discovered that this phenomenon - through Tetris specifically - was the key in a recent scientific discovery as to why we dream. Definitely worth a read if you've ever wondered about this stuff.


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