Saturday, November 27, 2010

Post-A-Day: A Look Into My Inner Soul (Via iPod Shuffle Mix)

I've seen a few people online do this thing where they share a selection of their iPod shuffle songs from their music collection, and through it I've discovered a few new fantastic songs, as well as the knowledge of what I did and did not have in common with them, which both bonds friendships and firmly establishes taste enemies, or "tastenemies," as I've dubbed them (in either case, the clarification is a good thing). So I figured I'd take the time to share my own list for the masses. Here goes:

Matt's iPod Shuffle Playlist - 11/23/10
(I know I'm supposed to list exactly what plays, but I made a couple of small tweaks to duplicate bands and swapped in some songs that came up later instead)

1) 'Mrs.Potters Lullaby' - Counting Crows
Love this song, from their greatest hits album "Films About Ghosts" - through which I firmly established my love for the band in general.

2) 'She's A Rebel' - Green Day
I somehow went 15+ years never buying a Green Day album, despite liking so many of their songs that I knew. It wasn't until playing Green Day Rock Band that I finally bit the bullet and got American Idiot, which is great.

3) 'Attractive Today' - Motion City Soundtrack
I'm admittedly poor when it comes to describing music I like, or why anyone else should listen to it, but I can safely say I love this band to death. This track opens their second album, which may be my favorite of theirs.

4) 'Sell Out' - Reel Big Fish
Almost everyone's heard of this song - and it's actually far from my favorite of theirs. I've seen them in concert a number of times, and they're a lot of fun. Check out "Our Live Album Is Better Than Your Live Album" is you're in the mood for some funky ska.

5) 'Fight' - Unwritten Law
I discovered this song playing Burnout Revenge. Fun fact about me - I discover an embarrassing number of songs/bands from video games, which I only say is embarrassing because it limits me mostly to songs that sound good while killing other people, racing against them, or quickly jumping through menus waiting to get back into the action.

6) 'Surrender' - Cheap Trick
Guitar Hero 2, I think? Ah yes, I suppose I forgot to put this category above, which at least lends itself to a more respectable catalog/knowledge base of music.

7) 'Uncle Walter' - Ben Folds
Ben Folds is my other big love besides Motion City Soundtrack - though he's night and day from them in almost every way. I've written more specifically about him in the past, if you're interested in knowing. This song specifically isn't my favorite, but I love the emotion behind it, and the lyrics are really funny if you're paying attention.

8) 'Saturday' - Fall Out Boy
Saying you love Fall Out Boy un-ironically is like saying you love McDonald's hamburgers better than anyone else out there. People can probably understand it on a certain level, but they can't help but think that perhaps you haven't really tried a lot of the burgers that are out there. Well, here this people: I've listened to a lot of music - and I still love these guys (and I hope they don't stay broken up forever)!

9)' Last Night' - Motion City Soundtrack
Them again? You guys, reminder -  they are still AWESOME. This one's a somber, melodic song from their third album. Wait a minute, melodic? Did I just use a word that describes every song? I think I did! You see why I don't do this, people??

10) 'Final Fantasy IV SNES Battle Medley' - aneurysm, Warmth
Whoa whoa whoa - wait, don't skip past this one just yet! If that's all gibberish to you, that's fine, but if you've ever heard an original song in a video game (say, the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy series), there's a great site called Overclocked Remix that houses tons of mixes from fans that sound great. Also - for the record - this is some great, classic 16-bit era battle music.

11) 'Your Petty Pretty Things' - The Get Up Kids
You may or may not have heard of these guys, but they broke up for a while, and now they're back! They recently put out an EP, and this actually happens to be my favorite track from it.

12) 'Someone Else's War' - Dan Mills
I talked about this guy before too - I saw him perform earlier this year, and I thought he was great. This guy knows his way around an acoustic guitar. Is that a thing people care to be known for? Anyways, he has a free
album online, you should check it out!

13) 'Lovefool' - Cardigans
Got into these guys randomly from a random gmail status, which I suppose is as good a source as any. Everyone knows this song - so check out "Sick & Tired" if you're looking for another great song by them.

14) 'The Rockefeller Skank' - Fatboy Slim
"Right about now, the funk soul brother"
"Check it out now, the funk soul brother"
Remember Fatboy Slim? Yeah, his legacy is pretty much just this song, but boy do I still love it!

15) 'The One You Want' - The Get Up Kids
Another classic - these guys have transformed over the years, and I've dug most everything they've done.

16) 'Landed' - Ben Folds
Hmm - neither of the Ben Folds tracks that have come up have been my favorites. Check out "Ben Folds Live" for a nice mix of tracks. He's another terrific live act.

17) 'In The Garage' - Weezer
LOVE LOVE LOVE this song, to this day. I must have played it every morning before school for a month back in the day, despite never really learning all the words until fairly recently (I had no idea "Ace Frehley" was a person). The Blue Album will always have a place in my heart. Every else past Pinkerton? Not so much.

18) 'Move Your Feet' - Junior Senior
This song almost shouldn't exist without the video. So watch this video, PLEASE:

Mesmerizing, isn't it?

19) 'Absolutely' - Nine Days
Ok, so a lot of my stuff is from the 90's if you haven't noticed. This is another gem from my not-so-angsty teens. I've never known a girl like this (a girl who looks so sad in photographs, but at the same time you absolutely love her when she smiles), but I can totally imagine loving her!

20) 'Reptilia' - The Strokes
Rock Band 2 - or was it 1? Either way, great song - tough solo to play there too, at the end.

Not a bad mix, if I may say so myself.



David Scholl said...

Ace Frehley***

Matt Shafeek said...

I totally knew that, having linked to his site. Duh. Fixed.