Saturday, November 6, 2010

Post-A-Day: Make-A-Face For Matt Shafeek

Being bald certainly has its advantages. I save tons of money on hair cuts, I never have to worry about bed head, and I'm constantly shaving off time from my hairier days as I move through both air and water (and should I ever choose to, fire). Sometimes though, I'll look in the mirror and say: "BORING!!!" And while I have been know to grow the occasional goatee to mix it up, today I figured I'd go one step further, and turn my face into one of those magnet-face games we all used to play with as a kid. Or at least, I did. Nowadays I'd imagine, with so many other more interesting games out there, the magnet-face market might not be doing so hot. Anyways, here goes:

Not too shabby, huh? Would you believe I've never taken a photoshop class IN MY LIFE!

Emo Fu Manchu. Classy.

Yup, those are cornrows. And a unibrow.

I'd be a pretty sexy blonde, no? And now, my coup de grace...

Mohawk inside an Afro with a Question Mark mustache. Booya!

Wpw, that was way too much fun. I'm gonna open it up to the blog-reading public to see if you guys wanna add anything yourselves. If I get enough I'll post them too, which would totally save me a day of having to think of something to post, so please do that! Here are the templates:

Right side facing.

 Left side facing.

And the angle in which no matter what I do, I look WAY tired and older for some reason.

Enjoy! And please, go nuts!


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David Scholl said...

Your blonde picture makes you look like a really tan Hulk Hogan lol