Friday, November 12, 2010

Post-A-Day: Matt's Favorite TV Show Intros!

Not a lot of time or brain energy available to post today (it was bound to happen, I'm surprised I lasted this long, frankly), so I'm just going to share some of my favorite TV show intros today, because they always brighten my day.

Community: Anyone who's been reading this blog knows this is currently my favorite show on television. The intro is no exception. It's short, sweet, catchy, thematically in line with the playful feel of the show. One of the few shows from the past few years that I can think of being this great.

Dexter: Most of the intro's here are chosen primarily for the theme song. Dexter is here because, holy fuck, do the visuals in this intro (and the sound as well) totally encapsulate what the show is all about in simply showing the (not-so-subtley violent) morning routine of the a serial killer?

Arrested Development: "It's Arrested Development" - This show was brilliant, but the intro is rarely ever mentioned because for a funny show there's nothing particularly funny about it. But I always thought a really nice succinct way of re-introducing the show's premise and characters every week.

Duck Tales: I must have sang this song out loud every day for about 3 years. One of the few kids cartoon songs pretty much anyone my age is guaranteed to know and sing along with given the first few lines. You guys, seriously. Who wouldn't want to solve a mystery, or rewrite history with these guys?

Inspector Gadget: Such a classic. Go Gadget go!

Thundercats: Love, pure love. Side note: there's a new version of this coming out, right? I hope its good!

Animaniacs: The fact that they changed up the last line of the song regularly pretty much blew my mind as a kid. Props - even though I'm not posting it here - for the intro to Pinky and the Brain.

Freakzoid: I honestly barely remember this show (other than it's fairly ridiculous premise), but I always enjoyed this diddy. The "...if not we'll be unemployed part" was probably the first time I ever thought of a cartoon as made by people whose job it was to not only make this show, but make sure the show was good enough so that it would stay on the air and thus wouldn't be fired. Thanks for the dose of reality, Freakazoid!

MacGyver: Random fact - there's a part of the song "Enid" by Barenaked Ladies near the end where the tempo speeds up and if I'm running while listening to it, suddenly my adrenaline kicks in, and regardless of how exhausted I am I'm able to run at full speed for the next minute as if I hit the nitro button on myself. I don't know if you guys have songs like that that do that for you, but this was a long way of saying MacGyver was another version of that except that it's a TV show intro and I don't currently have it on my iPod (though I should).

Dynasty: I've told this story dozens of times, maybe a few times in this blog too, but as a kid whenever I heard the show start I would run into the room used to dance to this song, the music was so compelling. I quickly lost interest once the actual show started, but there definitely is something particularly "mood setting" about the song that still gets me to this day.

You'll notice many of these come from the 80's, which may be either a comment on the quality of 80's tv show intros versus what we have today, a comment on me being a child of 80's, or you know, both. Or neither, who knows. Remember that lack of brain power thing I mentioned before?

And this is by no means an exhaustive list, but there's something to be said for the first 10 that popped into my head.


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