Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Post-A-Day: Reality Gaps

So I watched 500 Days of Summer last night. I generally enjoyed it - especially the above scene, that I thought was particularly clever. The main character, Tom (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) has been invited to a party by his at the time ex, Summer (played by Zooey Deschanel). The scene plays out in split-screen, showing the difference between Tom's expectations on the left, and the reality of what actually happened on the right. Man, did he miss the mark on that one!

I imagine we must do this all the time (at least I know I do) - we play out a scene/date/show/event in our lives in our head before we actually get to it. Then, once we actually get to that moment, not only are we dealing with the straight reality of the situation once we're in it, but in addition to that, there's the constant comparison to what is supposed to be.

I guess this is just a long-winded (and perhaps less high) way of me saying: "whoa, like, expectations, you know?" but it sounded interesting in my head at the time. Also, I saw this today which is about another 'reality gap' that artists have to deal with, from my boy Ira Glass:

On top of his great advice, there's something about him admitting that something he did with 8 years of experience TOTALLY SUCKED (though honestly, it wasn't that bad) that's especially inspiring - though maybe I'm just weirdly motivated by other people's failures. It's very easy to get discouraged when you want to do something and be good at it right away, because you know what "good" is, but you can't make "good" just yet. But only time and effort will close that gap.

As for Tom, well, don't worry about him. He eventually met (spoiler and potential groan alert)...Autumn.


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