Saturday, December 18, 2010

Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli Hones His Craft

It's easy to look at people who've mastered something and forget that they weren't just born that way. No one exemplifies this more than cool guys, who more than professional athletes, musicians, surgeons, or chefs really seem like they came out of the womb with two thumbs up and not a care in the world.

But at some point or another, even the coolest cats out there didn't have it all figured out. They stumbled, they fumbled, they trialed and they errored. And for me, the idea of the Fonz spending some time learning how to hit that jukebox just right serves as a loving reminder of this fact.

Special thanks to my good friend Rolando Garcia for not only drawing the artwork you see above (which would have otherwise have been a mis-mashed photoshop job or a stick-figured MS Paint drawing), but also for being ever-vigilant in reminding me of the values of perseverance, taking risks, and believing in yourself well before the world's ready to.


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