Saturday, March 5, 2011

Regularly Hit By The Infanto Ray

I've forgotten the names of almost every teacher I had in 16 years of school.

I can't recall most of the material taught to me in math and science post-4th grade or so.

There was a time when I spoke a very basic form of Spanish. This is no longer the case.

I know for a fact that I read the entirety of Johnny Tremain, The Scarlet Letter, and Hamlet. And yet, all I can recall is the shit I knew before I even read them (messed up hand, adultery, and lots of murdering)

And yet, without a moment's hesitation, I'm able to recall this at will:

Did I consciously choose to remember that over everything else? Or does my brain decide on its own every year while doing its annual spring cleaning, that this is just too precious to be thrown away?


The actual introduction to the 1984 laser disc arcade game Space Ace, in case you're interested in knowing what the hell I was just spouting:

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