Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This Is A Story All About How I Told A Story

I took a storytelling class with Moth Story SLAM Winner Adam Wade a few weeks back, and our class show was this past week. I've told monologues in improv shows before, but not since I regaled my classmates and their parents with the tale of Why Mosquitos Buzz In People's Ears back in 5th grade have I told a full length story in front of an audience before. It was a great experience, and one I hope to do it again sometime.

In the meantime, here's the footage of my set from the show. Longtime readers will recall this story as I told it on this blog some time ago, but I used the format to frame the story a little differently, so it's still worth checking out.


Some thoughts:

-I had 6-8 minutes to tell my story. Initially this felt limiting - I couldn't possibly tell this EPIC tale in less than 15 minutes! But it wound up being a great exercise in editing and cherry picking the most important details.

-I go up on stage without a script almost every week for my improv shows and as such, I always think I'm totally over getting nervous before a show, but anytime there's a script involved - even when it's an experience I've lived through, there's always the fear of forgetting an important detail, and ruining everything.

-Every else in the class had great stories as well. One woman told her 13 year old journey to her first U2 concert, another told the nail-biting saga of getting her favorite bag of Gummi bears from Duane Reade before her train left the station. One of my personal favorites was the story of one of my classmates getting mugged in NYC at his poorest, and having absolutely nothing of value for the mugger to take. The encounter ended in the mugger walking down the street with him, giving him some job advice before parting ways with a handshake. Amazing.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm way behind on outlining my novel...


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