Friday, December 23, 2011

The Twelve Games Of Christmas (Break)

On The Twelfth Day Of Gaming,
My Schedule Showed To Me:

Twelve Super Villains

Eleven Wars-A-Gearin'

Ten Martians Zapping

Nine Songs with Dancing

Eight Hands and Foot-ing

Seven Storms of Bullets

Six Birds A-Launching

Five Bastion...Things?

Four Answers Buzzed

Three Kinds of Kongs*

Two Words with Friends

And A Dragon Roaming Skyriiiimmmmm

You guys, I'm pretty excited to play all these games.

Now, while I will be playing some of them alone, the real fun comes in playing many of these games with all my wonderful friends, family, and a special lady who is, I daresay, nearly as competitive as me (though way more pouty). Great games come and go, but all the amazing people in my life are what I'm truly thankful for, though I suppose this blog post suggests otherwise. I figured a collection of photos and descriptions of all of them would be a lot less exciting for the general public. But I digress.

Happy Holidays everyone! And Happy Gaming - if, you know, you love that stuff anywhere near as much as I do.


PS: The names of the twelve games I plan on playing during the holidays, in case you were wondering, are: 
12) Batman: Arkham City (still plenty of ass-whooping and riddle-collecting to do)
11) Gears of War 3 (love the series, need to finish the campaign and spend some time online)
10) Invasion from Outer Space (great board game)
9) Just Dance 3 (present for my mother for Christmas, sure I'll join her)
8) Hand & Foot (a fun 2-4 player card game)
7) Bulletstorm (snagged it for $10 recently, heard it was good)
6) Angry Birds (I'm addicted)
5) Bastion (finally hoping to get around to it)
4) You Don't Know Jack (I've talked about this one before)
3) Donkey Kong Country Returns (holding onto this for over a year. I need to get back to it)
2) Words With Friends (even more addicted)
1) Skyrim (the challenge here will be not letting this be ALL I play)

*Technically its two kinds of Kongs, but I think Cranky Kong makes an appearance in the shop, so cram it.

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