Tuesday, April 3, 2012

That's PUBLISHED Egomaniac To You

Exciting news everyone! I submitted a short story about zombies (or more specifically, survivors of a zombie outbreak) that I wrote a little over a year ago for an upcoming collection of short stories about zombies. And they liked it enough to put in it! The anthology is called "Zombie: The Other Fright Meat" and it's available on Amazon right now:


Do you all realize what this means? I am now officially a published author, which changes EVERYTHING. I have no doubt that within a few weeks I'll be living in a high-rise apartment on the upper east side of Manhattan, dating all kinds of super models, and attending all kinds of hoity-toity parties where masters of their craft meet to discuss philosophy, eat exotic cheeses, and play exotic games like "Gentrification!" and "Please Belize." I'll try to do my best to keep my ego in check, but the reality is it's already begun to spin wildly out of control. I quit my day job, told my roommate she needed to move out so I could convert her bedroom into my own 'idea space,' and if someone looks at me on the street or subway, I smile and nod at them, whispering: "yeah, it's me...you're welcome."

They stuck my story towards the back to give the other authors a chance to shine first.
It's been nice being a regular old schlub with all of you these past 33 years. But fame has called, and I pretty much picked up on the first ring. So with that, humble, non-published Matt Shafeek bids you all adieu. Or rather, his body just twitched for the last time, since he's totally dead. All future posts will be written by the published author henceforth known as Matteus Shafein, who enlightens you with every word he types and is worthy of nothing less than all your attention and dollars and admiration. Also sexiness if you're a lady. A sexy lady.

Per Aspera Ad Astra!

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