Sunday, May 20, 2012

That's Right, I Just Coined "Bat-Schadenfreude"

So I had an interesting thought the other day, which about after realizing that I've idolized the concept of Batman to the point where I would regularly think about what my favorite superhero would do in certain situations in my life. Obviously I'm not the first person to have this thought, given the highly google-able phrase: "What Would Batman Do," which is also google image friendly:

Like many other children my age, in my mind I've established that Batman is someone who would handle any given scenario perfectly. But I started thinking: "you know what, he is still human after all. And human beings make mistakes." I started thinking about the inevitable times Batman has screwed up.  Made a mess of things. Screwed the pooch. Really Robin-ed the situation.

Still one of my favorite (fake, but real in my mind) Batman and Robin panels of all time.
That led to me thinking about how Batman could actually still be an inspiration, even when he royally FUBARs a situation. Because hey, if the Dark Knight isn't perfect, why should you be?

This led to the creation of my new (and first) Tumblr blog - "Even Batman Fucks Up Sometimes" (aka where I will every day attempt to show a picture, video clip, or original piece of artwork showing Batman failing in some way. My hope is on that on top of some serious Bat-Schadenfreude, readers will emerge from the site with a new found sense of optimism.

The profile image for the blog. I love this picture almost as much as Robin getting smacked.
If you have a contribution to make - especially an original one if you're an artist - by all means, hit me up at [my first name] dot [my last name] at gmail dot com. I've got a team of agents working on finding me clips from the internet in the meantime. Oh, and focus less on Batman actually getting his ass kicked, as I'm looking for a wide variety of failure, and besides, there's already a cleverly named Tumblr blog devoted to that.

Oh, and in tangentially related news, I've got another, pretty awesome new blog/life experiment coming up - and it's a lot more epic in scope. Look for news on that one real soon.


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