Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tim & Eric Meet At The Corner Of Awkward And Cringe-Worthy

Quick post today guys - I just got my second piece published on Splitsider! It's about the offbeat duo Tim & Eric, who are sort of the opposite of Louis CK in terms of their particular comedic sensibilities.

Not a fan of theirs, or have no idea who they are? Fret not, as I actually wasn't very familiar with them either, and probably still wouldn't call myself a big fan of their style of humor. But, as I say in the piece, I believe there's still something pretty fascinating about the two of them that I found myself compelled to explore.

You can find the new piece here if I've enticed you at all. And if you haven't read my first piece on Louis C.K. and Slow Comedy, that one's still up there too.