Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Every Day I'm Out There Makin' MattTales (Oooh-Ooooh)

Just wanted to share a few fun things with you guys today, starting with this:

Pretty cool, huh? Technically I didn't actually have anything to do with the upcoming Improv Everywhere documentary, but I have been in a lot of Improv Everywhere missions throughout the years, and now my famous Carousal Horse Race Mission where I wore my favorite, brightest costume of all time is going to be seen by many more eyes wherever this movie is being promoted. I'm super flattered, thanks guys!

In other news, I've written two more posts in my new Splitsider series Tragedy Plus Time since sharing the first one last month. The second article is focused on gay comedians dealing with their homosexuality and coming out of the closet (less of a tragedy, in the traditional sense, but certainly something every gay person understands as a struggle) and the third one, which just came out today, is all about comedians dealing with addiction. Check 'em both out here:



Lastly, I wanted to announce today that I'm currently working on my second game! I've got nothing to show off just yet, as it's very much in the planning stages, but I can say it's a matchmaking game involves pairing off singles at a dating event. Should be a lot of fun. Look for playtesting requests soon!


PS: Also, I watched DuckTales this weekend.

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